Hi, forgive me for posting without checking forum, Im new here.

I cannot overclock my system. It isn't new but to this time it was OK, until i replaced mainboard for taking 8GB ram.

My Power supply is 400W

Mainboard : P45R2000 , bios 1.9 (last)
Processor : Q9300 2,5Gh i would like to make it 2,97 - 3Gh
Memory 8GB Patriot DDR3 1333Mhz PSD32G13332 4x2GB / without overclock it is runing at 900Mhz
CPU temp is 45-60, I have APM managed two 12mm fans in case so this is not problem of temperature.

A don't know how to set preferences of overclock.
If i run without overclocking, processor is at 2,4 gh and memory is 900mhz. And is wery slow.
FSB is set to 1333 by pin on motherboard.

If I overclock it to 2,97Ghz (multiplier 400-410) and set memory from 1200 to 1290 Mhz it is unstable, or works only without dificult job. KP and blue screens or everything stops all the time.

Please help setting proper values for overclock menu. I know it is not new hardware. but it is.