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Thread: FM2A85X Extreme4-M Raid performance

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    Talking FM2A85X Extreme4-M Raid performance

    Hey There!
    Ok, so I've set up this mobo, FM2A85X Extreme4-M, for Raid-0.
    I have Raid running with a Samsung 840 Pro SSD 128GB and a OCZ Vetor SSD 128GB.
    I'm getting horrible AS SSD benchmark scores....

    FM2A85X Extreme4-M Raid performance-ssd-bench-amd-2-0-stripe-5-20-2013-11-58-24-pm-png

    These seem to be the best overall scores I can achieve.
    At one time I scored 630MB/s Seq read, while everything else stayed about the same.
    Can anyone help me to get better performance??
    I installed the latest Raid drivers already, I've also used the original drivers that came with the Mobo. All with same results. I see people showing their results in the 900+MB/s with these same SSD drives.
    Any suggestions on what to do or try? I
    s this typical speeds with AMD raid?
    Is it possible I have a defective on board raid controller?
    Any help or suggestions would be great!

    My whole system is...
    AMD A10-5800K cpu
    Radeon 6670 Vid Card
    Cosiar 1866 8GB Ram
    128GB OCZ Vector SSD
    128GB Samsung Pro 840 SSD

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    Default Re: FM2A85X Extreme4-M Raid performance

    Well, a few thoughts from a user of SSD's in RAID 0, although on an Intel platform.

    Your two SSDs are both great, current models, but mixing very dissimilar SSDs (and these two have zero in common regarding internal components) will result in unpredictable results. The results you mentioned with the SSDs you have are not with mixed models of SSDs, they are pairs of 840 Pro's or pairs of Vector's. I've seen virtually no examples of mixing different SSDs in RAID 0 in forums, etc, so it's impossible to say that they can work well together.

    The benchmark you posted looks like the SSDs are connected to SATA II ports, although you said you had 630MB/s sequential read speeds at one time, which is beyond what SATA II in RAID 0 can produce.

    Unfortunately, AMD's RAID performance has always been lesser than Intel's, even with AMD's all "SATA III" chipset interface. I do know that AMD's RAID and SATA port configuration options are more complicated than Intel's, so there should be some options to try or change. But I'm an Intel user, so can't help you there.

    Your write speed results are really low for RAID 0, write caching in Windows and in the AMD RAID settings may not be enabled.

    The biggest unknown is what happens when mixing different models of SSDs in RAID 0, and specific information about that is very rare or non-existent.

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