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Thread: noise leaking thru speakers

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    Default Re: noise leaking thru speakers

    Now I get it, your DIMMs have LEDs, I looked them up. I suppose that is a possible source of noise, but I've never heard of anyone having that problem. I think that would be known by now.

    The main thing is, the kind of noise you have is exactly what I've had with some boards, and I never used the memory you have.

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    Default Re: noise leaking thru speakers

    what if there is no sound in the BIOS? what does that mean?
    edit: Forget what I said about my mobo being silent when in UEFI. I just cranked my speakers up full blast and it's noisy as hell when I move the mouse or use the keyboard. There's a somewhat quieter pulsing beat when I'm not doing anything in there. Should you decide to experiment similarly, remember to turn off your BIOS/UEFI sound effects (if any) first! If you forget to do this, you'll probably regret it.
    Btw, I just tried a bootable DOS CD and it's just as noisy as the Windows environment.

    Yes I mute the volume in the audio manager and I can still hear the noise/feedback thru the speakers. Even if I don't move the mouse so I was thinking it could be the dims because of the type I have. To explain the sound better it's like a pulsating buzz if you will, fading in and out WHEN i'm not touching anything. When I move my mouse or download a file it get more "scrambled" and louder.
    Well, that's different than what I thought you were referring to with your RAM. It's very much like my sypmtom; background noise always present, noise gets worse/louder with video and drive activity.

    Now try something that may/will blow your mind. Uninstall all audio drivers, remove audio devices in Device Manager and then disable all audio in UEFI, then reboot. If it's like mine, it won't make any difference -- as described in my thread that I linked to earlier, I get the same noise even with the Realtek chip disabled! Since speaker/cable/case grounding and EMI/RFI from external devices are not issues with my machine, this, IMHO, clearly indicates a serious design flaw and/or a defective board.

    MY mouse is a Theron wired mouse with adjustable lights...(I love my lights!)
    I went through the "pull this, yank that, substitute this for that" phase. I get the noise with everything disconnected, including all drives and peripherals and, as I said, with the chip itself disabled.

    You can try the simple stuff before a really involved (and, IMHO, unnecessary) teardown. Some you've already done:

    Unplug your USB devices.

    Maybe try a PS2 keyboard, see if it makes a difference.

    Remove all peripherals (serial, parallel, ethernet, rear panel, front panel, etc. etc.).

    Disconnect drives. If your OS and mobo are hot-swap capable, enable that feature and then remove the boot drive after you boot into OS, see if it makes a difference -- also, use on-board SATA after you remove any controller cards.

    Remove any other cards as well (fax/modem, tuner, capture, etc.).

    I know you can't remove your GPU, since you don't have integrated APU, but I doubt that would matter -- I'm using my AMD's APU and still get the noise.

    If you're OC'ing, try going back to default settings -- after which, if you're using H2O, temporarily remove power from your pump (it goes w/o saying this should be done only long enough to check for noise elimination, and don't run any CPU or GPU intensive apps while the pump is unpowered).

    Try a different power supply if you have one handy or can borrow one.

    Move the pc to a different outlet -- not likely to help, but sometimes one outlet will have issues that others don't in the same house. If you're using a GFCI, try the pc on a regular outlet. If you're using a line conditioner or even just a basic surge/spike suppressor, try the pc temporarily w/o it (when skies are clear ).

    or just pack it up and wait for hasewell.
    Chalk up another Intel build. I'll be putting together a Haswell rig later this year and this AMD/ASRock machine will go to relatives. I'll probably try to cure the noise with an add-on sound card, though, so they won't have to suffer.
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    Default Re: noise leaking thru speakers

    it shouldn't make any noise whatsoever

    two pc's I have atm a z68 and z77 don't make any noise,last boards that did that noise were all x58 boards

    either switch the psu/gpu or motherboard,usually its the motherboard

    I also tried a xonar dx soundcard to no avail,still made the screeching noise
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    Default Re: noise leaking thru speakers

    well just an update on this problem...I tried everything that was suggested in this post to no avail. The only thing that did work was to remove my speakers!(as suggested by my GF) so either I change the mother board or try and return it for a new one. I truly believe is a defect in the board . Sad because I really like this board with the 2500k. Awesome combo...has work flawlessly since day one! except the sound problem of course....
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