Enthusiast user here and I have been trying to get this question answered, I have seen that ASRock has their Z87 offerings up on the website but the one Extreme offering that I am after is not there, specifically I am after a Z87 Extreme 11 which I envisage being a Haswell based version of the Z77 Extreme 11, I have seen preview sites mention that they have seen this board in the ether at a show at some stage but I can not see it on your website, is it yet to come ? or is it not happening :(.

I ask because even though some of your new boards offer 10 Sata 3 ports this is insufficient for my purposes whereas having the LSI SAS 2308 on board would sort all my problems, I currently run 10 2TB Sata 3 drives and need more, 12 would be sufficient, 14 would be perfect.

In case you are wondering what I am storing:
Almost every Steam game available, A lot of games from Greenman, Gamersgate, GOG and various other Digital Download providers.
My extensive DVD/Bluray video selection, my audio CD collection, Resources related to programming for both the PC and two other platforms.

I currently store everything on a Raid 5 system in combination with a SAN and want to replace that system with Windows 8 Storage Spaces technology.

So can you please please please tell me will the z87 Extreme 11 be happening? and if so - when?

Cheers in advance.