CPU: E3-1230
MB: Asrock z68 Extreme3 Zen3(BIOS update to the latest)
intel rst ver.: 12.5

someone says that this cpu cannot turn on SRT, while i found the prove it can be turned on with this chip e3 1230 v2 (chinese)

a year ago when i bought this e3-1230 and mainboard, i was so upset that i cannot open the srt. but i don't what to change the cpu for that.
now i flash the MB with the latest bios (2.30 perhaps), it doesn't seem to be a good result.

i cannot upload the image so i just describe by text.

i have turned to RAID mode in the bios settings.
in bios settings->advanced->Intel Rapid Start Technology
the feature was enabled,but there's a sentence
"No Valid Intel Rapid Start Partition Found"
what does it means?

Press Ctrl-I to enter the raid configuration
the Intel Rapid Storage Technology version is 10.8.0
i have 4 disks, 2 SSD and 2 HDD, all are Non-raid disks right now.
i want 1 ssd accelerate 1 hdd, but the "Acceleration Option" is gray. i can't choose it!

In Win7, the intel rst version is 12.5 which is the latest.
I still can't find the "accelerate" option in the interface.

Have i missed anything?