hi .. im new in here but really hope that someone can help me ..
my problem is that my fan speed is running as it should when i first start the pc .. but then when im starting to game something cpu intensive the fan speed is increased .. as it should.. but then comes the problem .. when i shut Down the game the fanspeed wont go Down Again .. it just keeps running at full speed .. ive tryied everything in the bios .. resetting it also .. i have the newest bios available

my temps are fine .. when gaming its like 40-43 degrees .. and when iddle its like 26-27 degrees so it should stop running at full speed when im finished gaming .. but it doesent anyone WHO can help me ?

im using Windows 7 x64 ultimate
phenom II 1100T BE
asrock 990fx extreme 4
16 GB 1600mhz memory
gigabyte 670GTX
XFX pro 850W
cpu cooler corsair H60
OCZ vertex 3.20 240 gb ssd