So my main issue is vcore. I've taken a look at the bios itself and the options in some bios editors. It seems as if I should be able to up the vcore, but it's stuck at 1.35 (default). I can do offset voltages, just that they won't push above 1.45 (1.5 w/o droop). Where on my M3A770DE board I could push 1.5 (1.55 w/o droop). What's the diff? This actually pisses me off, as in I'm thinking of RMAing the board for something that will actually push the voltages I want. My chip, Phenom II x2 545 Calisto can unlock at 1.4..... At 1.55 (1.5 w/droop) it can push 3.6, without any errors.

My question is, this is a newer board with what is supposed to be (newer is usually a better build) better. So why on earth can I not up my voltages to what the chip can handle with my cooler? I find this terrible, purchasing a new motherboard in the hopes that it can at least preform as good as my older one. If this provides to be untrue, I might just RMA it and get a different brand. Which I do not want to do, I like ASRock boards but.... Well you see the delima.