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Thread: X79 Suspend and VMWare Issues

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    Default X79 Suspend and VMWare Issues

    This is a well-made motherboard that in retrospect, really has no purpose.
    I've been frustrated by it from the beginning and thought maybe other have some insight.

    First and foremost:
    Why would the RST-E rather than RST be the default and not mentioned?: Trying to backup and restore with Acronis using a Raid solution is impossible, and even if it succeeded, the backup would be useless on any other machine. Friggin nightmare.
    I admit some culpability in that I didn't research, but normally one would put the blame on Acronis, not the MB.

    On top of that the RST-E is slower and has no TRIM support and Intel Rapid support didn't work

    I7 3820 only overclocked to 4.0GHz
    Windows 7 Enterprise

    • Intermittent failure to wake from suspend!
    • After suspending, VMWare will no longer work; just spins!
    • AXTU locks CPU into max Mhz mode and needs to be uninstalled.
    • Poor overclocker, but not important.

    Design Flaws
    • Why add a soundcard that is worse than the onboard?
    • Why add a software utility that locks the CPU in extreme mode and burn excessive energy.
    • Why add an Enterprise Raid Solution that no enthusiast would ever use?
    • Only real advantage is 8 memory slots, which in the era of 8G DDR is relatively moot.(64G is rarely needed)
    • And all benchmarks I've seen and run myself shows it to be slower.
    • Isn't the whole idea of all this RAM is for programs like VMWare and if so, it should survive a suspend.

    So why buy a less stable, poorer performing MB at a higher price?

    Am I missing something?

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    Default Re: X79 Suspend and VMWare Issues

    Was hoping there would be a response from the ASRock concerning the suspend issue.

    Maybe some ideas why VMWare no longer works.

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