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Thread: ASRock 880/890 mATX Boards - Ps/2 Connector a combo port?

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    Question ASRock 880/890 mATX Boards - Ps/2 Connector a combo port?


    I've been looking into updating my mATX mainboard with a slightly better variant for better stability and handing off the older one to my brother for a system for himself. However, I've been hard pressed to choose due to the 1x 'PS/2 Keyboard Port' as I use a PS/2 keyboard AND a PS/2 Ball/Wire Mouse. Reasoning behind the mouse.. cannot get a mouse with the same button layout anymore and I'm just plain comfortable with the feel of it. I have tried a PS/2->USB adapter but it makes some buttons unreadable in most games and reduces the tracking speed significantly. Now I know the PS/2 port is marked purple for 'keyboard only' but I have seen comments on them being 'combo ports' through being able to accept PS/2 mice (SRC: furious with asrock z68 - [H]ard|Forum ) which shows they may be using a combo-port wiring.

    I'm looking at the following 2 boards:
    ASRock > 890GM Pro3 R2.0
    ASRock > 880GMH/U3S3

    To upgrade from the following:
    ASRock > 960GM/U3S3 FX

    Is anyone able to confirm these claims of it being a combo-port and if so on one of the two boards I am interested in? The lack of a second or specifically marked combo port notation on the PS/2 port is technically a deal breaker for me but would be a winner if it is further confirmed to be able to use both through a Combo-Port Y-splitter and is simply marked wrongly. I notice that the ASUS+Others boards using the same chipsets are pushing them all out with the PS/2 marked as Combo-Ports so further thinking it's still wired on an ASRock as such and simply mis-labeled as just the one for marketing reasons.

    EDIT IN: Seems I might have a lot of trouble finding these on the market. Only Place selling the 890GM in stock is Gearxs(dot)com and I'm unsure of its' validity from couple year past reviews about he site and others trying to pose as them. The 880G I just took note that I'd overlooked the fact it doesn't make a direct claim on 140watt power capability so uneasy on that as well along with difficulty finding them. Perhaps there would be some better suggestions on what to go with or another brand perhaps or am I just barking up the wrong tree with the 8xx Series?
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