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Thread: Z87M Extreme4 - help please !

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    Exclamation Z87M Extreme4 - help please !

    Hi , yesterday i finished my new build .
    Config : 4670K , Z87M Extreme4 , 2x4gb Kingston predator 2400mhz , Gigabyte 7870 OC , antec 750W psu in fractal arc mini case .

    I have 2 serious problems .

    1.: Cant start PC with GPU in : Gigabyte 7870 OC in MB .
    PC beeps 5 times and nothing happens , display is off . (beep codes missing from manual)
    Tried other pcie slots , same thing .
    GPU is definitely OK ! - tried in second and third PC .
    Without GPU PC starts normally with iGPU .

    2.: How can i change fan regulation method ?
    All my noctua fans was regulated by voltage on my old pc without problem down to 500rpm .
    Im really disappointed - i cant change mobo regulation from PWM to voltage regulation ???
    Even my old sc775 mobo have this feature .
    All fans running on 1200rpm now ! its really loud .

    PLEASE Help !

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    Default Re: Z87M Extreme4 - help please !

    2. Might pick up some ideas from ASRock z77 Extreme 6 PWM help.

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    Default Re: Z87M Extreme4 - help please !

    Powersupply problem maybe? I assume the card is hooked up to the PSU as well ... have you tried swapping PSU's around to exclude that the PSU is not a problem? I have no idea what the 5 beeps might mean though, so I'm just guessing at what the problem might be.

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    Default Re: Z87M Extreme4 - help please !

    The AMI BIOS/UEFI five beep code is:

    5 Beeps
    Five beeps means there has been a processor error. A damaged expansion card, the CPU, or the motherboard could be prompting this AMI beep code.

    In your situation, if the PC works with the onboard graphics, and you know the video card is good, and is connected correctly (power, video output, and you are selecting PCI-E graphics in the BIOS to use the video card), then it seems like an incompatibility issue with the board and card. ASRock seems to have those more than other boards for some reason, given the threads about that in this forum.

    What BIOS/UEFI version do you have? There are only two.

    No way to change the PWM fan speed control to voltage control on any ASRock board I've used. The ASRock fan speed control is one area that is lacking relative to other mother board manufactures. My P67/Sandy Bridge board made by someone else has much better fan speed control than my ASRock Z87 Ex 6 board.

    OMG, your board only has one three pin chassis fan header that can be controlled! Did you try the three pin CPU fan header? That may be related to the four pin CPU fan speed, but try it anyway. You may get a CPU Fan error if nothing is connected to the four pin CPU fan header.

    The default fan speed settings in the BIOS is Full On, for all fans, so if you have not changed that, you'll get full speed all the time. You can also adjust the fan speeds with the A-Tuning program, so use that in Windows to see if you can adjust your fan speeds.

    IMO, three pin CPU cooler fans are primitive, I've used nothing but PWM fans with CPU coolers for years. Noctua does make four pin, PWM fans, I use one in my Z87 PC, the NF-F12 PWM. A good fan, very expensive, and relatively quiet. Noctua has three or four 120mm PWM models, if you can find them.

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