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Thread: Z87 Extreme6 LGA driver & utility questions

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    Default Z87 Extreme6 LGA driver & utility questions

    On the 21st (2 days) I will receive my

    ASRock Z87 Extreme6 (loved the 10 sata ports, intel lans, better sound, etc)
    Intel Core i5-4670 Haswell 3.4GHz (wanted the K but i really don't overclock and it lacks some visualization features)
    Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB DDR3 1600 (ram was free from buying the board from newegg).
    Planning to run Windows 7 x64

    This is the first ASRock board I have bought for myself, though we used one in a build for a friends PC. I am replacing an Core2Duo E6600, Abit Motherboard, 4GB ram. I intend for the moment, due to money restrictions, to keep my same case, power supply and video card, etc. Best I can tell this board/cpu will pull less power than my previous one, so I am not too worried about it for the next few months.

    So here are some questions I have I hope other ASRock users can enlighten me on and possibly save me a headache or two.

    The software & drivers that come with the board (I downloaded the latest versions earlier from their site)

    3TB+ Unlocker - I am guessing this serves no purpose to me. x64 Win 7
    XFast USB Utility - Is this worth installing? Does it keep some tray icon and run 24/7?
    XFast LAN Utility - Has anyone used this with any meaningful success?

    Intel Rapid Start Utility - seems to be worthless for me (i have a ssd)?
    Intel Management Engine driver - No idea if I need this or not. Im guessing I do not.
    Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver and utility - I have no raid plans, this seems worthless for me?

    The rest of the drivers look like they are necessary from what I can tell.

    Any issues using their bios flashing, from within the bios from a USB? I was planning to flash the newest bios before installing.

    Any other suggestions or info is welcome.

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    Default Re: Z87 Extreme6 LGA driver & utility questions

    The Intel Management Engine software is 100% required for all the Z87 chipset's features to be functioning. Without it, you will have broken device entries in Device Manager. The IME software should be installed after the INF driver ver: package, which should be installed first, before anything else.

    The Intel RST driver is also an AHCI driver, which will provide better performance than the standard Windows 7 AHCI driver. I would suggest using it with a SSD. You can install it later on, not essential for the PC to function.

    Intel Rapid Start is worthless with a SSD.

    The XFast programs are not essential, you can try the USB utility and see if you like it. XFast LAN is complicated to configure, and may be useful if you are an extreme download freak and online gamer.

    The Intel LAN driver is essential, you likely will have no Internet access until it is installed, the LAN chips are new and Windows 7 may not know what to automatically install.

    Instant Flash, with the BIOS file on a USB flash drive, works fine.

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