I'm new to the forums. I am troubleshooting a problem I think is related to either my RAM or my motherboard or an incorrect setting. I was noticing reboots on my system (OS = Unraid 5, CPU = i3 - 3220)

Based on a suggestion on the forum for my OS (Unraid) I ran a memtest86+ on the RAM. After a few minutes of the test starting I see this displayed on my monitor (see jpeg). After another 5 or 10 minutes of this being displayed on my monitor the system reboots which is what my original problem with the system is.

I emailed GSKill tech support and they suggest running the RAM at a higher voltage like 1.4 or 1.45V. I believe I can change this in the BIOS but is there any other settings I should adjust. This RAM was on the approved list by ASROCK so maybe the tech support can tell me if I need to change the BIOS settings for this RAM. I am running 8Gb of Ram in a 2x4GB configuration.

ValensASRock - H77 / PRo4 MVP and Gskill Sniper Low Voltage Series RAM - changing RAM voltage-img_20130626_234221-jpg