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I am sorry if I come off cranky but I am. This is ridiculous that I don't have any manuals to use your utilities! I have spent more than my fair share of googling to come up with answers on how to use xfast ram, instant boot & all the other 1's. The only thing I find by asrock is the sales pitch & stupid you tube video that isn't even the user interface that I have & all that info is so half assed! Why does this need to be so difficult? ABC 123, ya know? You offer a product, by goodness let people know how the heck to use them, right? ALL of my google searches come up from people exactly like me trying to figure this crap out. The only utility I have been able to figure out is Xfast LAN & that is because it comes from a different company THAT HAS VERY PRECISE DIRECTIONS TO SET IT UP! Does this make sense to anyone?! Am I suppose to automatically know how to set these programs up? Let me pull out my ESP skills...

Not only have I googled trying to find this info, I've been all over your website trying to find it. I am extremely irritated as you can tell. Like I said, ABC 123. If by any chance these manuals are out there, google certainly has failed me! IF they are somewhere, anywhere, will someone please kindly direct me to where they are before I go insane, LOL! If there aren't any, shame on you! And thanks for wasting the majority of my day figuring this crap out when it could be so simple with a manual :) By the way, the manual that came with the motherboard is just as half assed intructed about these utilities as that you tube video.

Thanks for letting me vent :) I feel better now, LOL! But I will feel much better with instructions!

I'm relieved to hear that so many others feel the same way I have about Asrock's utilities. I've built 4 computers using Asrock's boards, and am very impressed and pleased with the results. I also appreciate the utilities and drivers they supply with the package, but am frustrated to find out that I have little idea of what they do, how to install them, or how to use them. I also fail to understand how Asrock can spend the time and effort to create them, then release them with zero information, either with the utilities, or somewhere in their support portion of their website. Having no idea of what the purpose of the utilities are, or how they work, I'm reluctant to even try them for fear of wrecking my files, or affecting the operation of my computer. I've had this happen often enough with other freeware or shareware products that do supply this information.

Come'on Asrock, use some common sense and get with the program!