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Thread: PC will turn on and then off

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    Default PC will turn on and then off

    Hello forum! Im new here. I hope everything is good with you all.

    The problem: I turn on the PC this morning and it stayed on the BIOS logo screen frozen. It wont turn off holding the power button so I unpluggled it. Waited a couple seconds and turned it on again and it would turn on for a few seconds and then turn off. When it turns on the BIOS splash wont come on. I disassembled the PC and removed the SSD and 2 HDD, the issue persist as described. Removed the GPU and same issue. Removed the RAM and same issue. Removed the CPU and same issue. Removed the CMOS battery for a couple minutes and reinserted it and tried turning it on and it wont even turn on. No BIOS beeps no nothing. I think it could be a bad MB but im not sure. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    If you need further details, please let me know

    EDIT 1: I did the PSU test from a you tube video inserting a paper clip on the green and adjacent black cable along with 2 120mm fans to have some load and the PSU will turn on....

    At this point it I think is the board :(... If I change the board that means a full OS install right? unless I can get the same board RMA'd... THanks for looking!!
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    Default Re: PC will turn on and then off

    You may have filled in your system spec's, but we can't see them, I've heard that has had problems lately. So we don't even know what mother board you have, etc. We really need to know what we are working with.

    The paper clip test is only a semi-valid way to test a PSU. Sure it may start, but can it provide all the voltages and current needed to run the board, etc. PSU problems can cause strange things with PCs. What PSU are you using?

    So the PC was running in the past it seems, correct? For how long?

    It seems now you are getting no signal to the monitor, correct? It might simply be the video card is bad, if you use one, but then we don't know...

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