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Thread: PSU wattage

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    Default PSU wattage

    Is it possible to get a PSU for a computer that has a wattage that is too high?

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    Default Re: PSU wattage

    No, from a standpoint of too much power, the PC components will only draw so many Watts from the PSU, it does not force power into them. If the entire PC only draws 25W from a 1000W PSU, then that is all the PSU will provide. If you only need to connect a few cables from the PSU to the PC, then the PSU cannot even output all its potential power.

    If things go wrong on a mother board, etc, and a short circuit is created, then a powerful PSU has the potential to cause more damage, if its protection circuits do not work right. But the difference between a dead board that just smells burnt, or one that is black and smoking, is just more drama...

    A high power PSU in a low power requirements PC is just a waste of money if you buy that PSU for that purpose. High power units tend to be less efficient at lower power output levels than medium to low power output PSUs, so cost more in electricity use.

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