I'll start by saying that I recently purchased a new hard drive, got a fresh copy of windows 8 64+32 bit discs from windows. My network adapter either fried or was not compatible with windows 8 and it would not show up at all. Fixed that with a new wireless adapter. Also my brand new GTX 550ti nvidia video card was also not showing up in device manager and wouldn't let me update the drivers for it or install them at all. So I thought a bios update may be needed. Needless to say windows 8 decided to crash while the bios update was in progress and now I just get a black screen on boot up I can't push anything a light is on my keyboard but doesn't seem to power up all the way. The motherboard is maybe a year old I got it new and I have the discs for it any help would be much appreciated

Thanks for looking ask anything for more info