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I honestly don't know. It could have been that 2.10 fixed the issue or was just more stable when exiting the UEFI.

Also, I'm still a bit shaky on the OPRom settings. If I leave CSM enabled to use my 7970 what should I set the OPRom policy settings to? Everything is working fine with all three set to legacy only. To be clear would there be any advantage to changing them from legacy only?
No, because the Option ROMs on the board are probably not different, one is used for both Legacy/BIOS booting, and UEFI booting. It's also possible that a legacy Option ROM will not work as a UEFI Option ROM. You can always try the settings and see what happens, the worst would be a failure to boot.

I can't predict if one setting is better than another, if it even makes a difference. As I said previously, UEFI firmware's features are not being used very much at this point, so those options likely don't do anything right now. For example, the only video Option ROM on your board now is for the Intel iGPU, which would do nothing with your 7970. Your 7970 does not have an Option ROM installed, which is normal for separate cards.

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Interesting. So when we flash the "BIOS" does it upgrade both the firmware and GUI?
Yes, it must if options are added or changed in the GUI, right? That's another advantage of UEFI firmware, it is not limited to a certain, small size that BIOS firmware is, one MB max for BIOS firmware. My board's UEFI file is eight MB.