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Thread: Help needed for a B75M-GL

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    Unhappy Help needed for a B75M-GL

    Hi all first of all my computer terminology is limited I am a novice so forgive me when I don't use proper terms. My computer until recently was working great. However due to circumstance my husband changed the keyboard/mouse, they were changed because my husband thought they were the problem with my start up being very slow. It seemed to fix it for a week then when I would start the computer I would get 4 beeps so he went and bought new ram same brand as before it again seemed to run fine for a few days. Then he decided that maybe the problem was my CPU even though it was only 8 months old. But now I have more problems now then before. Before when you shut the computer down it would start however it did beep a few times (but it would still work). Now the computer won't start at all, the power starts and will either make 4 beeps or 3 beeps slight pause then 3 more beeps or just do nothing, but it won't boot. Can you tell me do you think my motherboard has finally fried it is 2 years old or could it simply be the power supply not feeding enough power to boot the system.
    If anyone can help or needs more info on my system please ask and I will gladly find the info you need to help me get my computer working again.

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    Default Re: Help needed for a B75M-GL

    This will be extremely difficult to solve on-line as you have limited knowledge of HW. Most solutions here are for folks who have manipulated HW to a fair extent and can figure out things with a suggestion which is all that can be done on a forum.

    For example, the keyboard/mouse and the ram and most probably the cpu are ok but they have to be tested on "known good components". If there is none, then a pc repair shop, where they do have these, must be used. That is if you consider the hardware worth saving. If the motherboard is gone, most folk with things over 2 years old usually go for a new system, such is how technology is evolving nowadays.

    Also with no reference to what you have as hardware, it is decidedly hard to help you. If you are like me who got tired of repair shops ripping me off (charging really, it is hard to prove they are really ripping you off), then it is time to start taking apart things like your husband apparently has. If you find computers indispensable, then it is a must.

    Of course it is just my opinion but having the HW physically, I can trouble-shoot most anything but that is almost 20 years of experience. The thing is that I made the decision back then and have not regretted it to-date, hehe. Sorry to not be able to be of more assistance.
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