Hello everyone,

I am having some problems with my pc, connected in HDMI to the TV. It all started about one month ago when, after 8 months of flawless work, one day it suddenly decided to not output anything in HDMI anymore and the TV would simply state "no signal". As the TV works fine if I connect my laptop or other HDMI stuffs, I thought it was a problem of the motherboard so I sent it back for replacement. Yesterday I finally got the new one, I put my PC back together and.. still "no signal" on the HDMI connection (no matter which port I choose on the TV).

Do you think it might be a problem of the TV, that suddenly cannot recognize (???) my pc but is happy to work with other things? What are the chances that a new motherboard is faulty in the same way as my old one?
I don't remember having to set anything in the UEFI the first time, but maybe there is some option to enable the HDMI output that I didn't notice?

If anyone has any idea, it would be appreciated

If it could help, these are the specs:
FM2A75 Pro4-M
AMD A10-5800K Trinity Black Edition
8 GB Corsair Vengeance 1866MHz
Corsair Nova 2 SSD 60GB
Seagate Barracuda 1.5 TB
Enermax NAXN 450W