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Got an official response from ASRock. Said basically that the BIOS isn't compatible with SB-E like we guessed. They also told me I can't flash back unless I get another BIOS chip. Looks like I'm stuck buying a new CPU...
Well, that is basically the same as the result when the BIOS update for Ivy Bridge CPUs is applied to Sandy Bridge chipset boards (Intel 6 series chipsets) and a SB CPU is still used after the update.

FYI, using a SB CPU on an IB chipset board (obviously with an IB compatible BIOS) works fine. I use an i7-2600K with an ASRock Z77 Ex 4 board, and in most aspects that PC is my favorite, compared to an Ivy Bridge or Haswell system.

Why oh why do mother board manufactures provide these new CPU generation compatible BIOS versions, without more information about them? When I looked into the SB to IB CPU BIOS updates for SB chipset boards, it seemed that everyone provided the updates in the same way, with virtually no description of what would happen after the update if the CPU was not changed. I found one document that Intel had on this topic, which was specific to their own mother boards, but gave a general idea about how it worked overall.

The bottom line is, if you aren't changing CPUs, don't do it. I think I've seen posts from some users that have done this change (not on X79) without changing CPUs, that said they do not have issues. Good for them, unless they are just missing issues like you have, or it does not bother them. I have an ASUS P67 board with an i7-2600K, and when they released their IB compatible BIOS update, I did not use it. That signaled the end of BIOS updates for that board IMO (hint about why so little is said about this.)