I have really weird issue with my MoBo. It only starts ONCE after a clear cmos. Works like a charm, nothing is overheating etc. I can reset and soft reboot it and it will continue to work.

Unfortunately after I shut it down - it won't boot up again (all coolers are spinning but no POST is shown).

If I shut it down again, do a CLR CMOS and start again - it again work just fine.

I tested it on various Hardware with no luck :(
The BIOS battery was also changed.


ASRock 775i65G
Core2Duo E7400 @FSB 1066 (P4 3,06 and C2D E4300 na FSB 800 gave the same issues)

2x 1GB Transcend DDR3200 (CL3) (tried with one piece in different banks - no luck)

Gigabyte GF 7600GS 256MB with additional molex plug (on-board VGA and Radeon 9200SE also checked - no luck)

HDD didn't matter - chacked: ATA, SATA, No Drive - same result

Power Supply 550W no-name (checked on various models)

Anyone have any clue what might be the issue? If I don't power it down - it works like a charm for the whole day.