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Thread: How to avoid this UEFI Default screen ?

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    Default How to avoid this UEFI Default screen ?

    Every once awhile when my computer hang/froze and when it rebooted, it will direct me to this UEFI Default screen.
    Which, i need a keyboard to continue to windows (my computer have headless setup, i control them using teamviewer).
    this really unconvenient because when this thing happen, i have to come down to the computer's location and do a manual work.

    i was wondering if i can disable this screen ? or how to bypass this?
    thank you for your help and time.

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    Default Re: How to avoid this UEFI Default screen ?

    The reason that screen is displayed, is because of whatever problem caused the freeze, etc, the BIOS/UEFI default values have been loaded. Since some users require certain non-default BIOS settings (RAID, selecting video device), which if not set would cause problems. This screen is displayed and requires input by the user to continue booting or run the BIOS interface. It is a safety feature and is there for a good reason.

    The only BIOS setting that might stop this screen from being displayed is the Boot Failure Guard setting, in the Boot menu. Set it to disabled.

    Otherwise I know of no other way to bypass or stop that screen/input request.

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