The problem is that when ever I put my nvidia geforce 8800gts oc graphics card in to my Asrock 970 extreme4 mother board my BIOS doesn't show properly it show like the picture and pressing F2 or DEL don't work it just makes a black screen and does nothing but if i put in my very old graphics card ATI Radeon X700pro card it works fine but as i have just purchased a 3TB western Digital caviar green and made that to boot my OS (windows 7) as GPT format the computer will not boot up with the 8800GTS in but it works fine with my X700PRO. (Note my 8800GTS worked when i had my 20GB HDD which was MRB format but it still didn't show the BIOS properly it still was the picture below but it did boot-up but i want my 3TB as it has better read speeds and works faster)

So if anyone knows how to fix this problem it would be really appreciated as i have had no luck looking for help on the internet and I am stuck with this X700pro that can't run anything.
BIOS/GPU problem please help-imag0147-jpg