My system has been running flawlessly since I brought the motherboard, CPU and RAM in april this year.
Yesterday after starting and running normally for approx. 1 hour, the power to the keyboard and mouse suddenly died, and the screen froze. I tried to power off using the power button - no effect, then had to use the PSU's on/off switch to shut down my computer.
Attempted to start-up the computer again, but it failed. No boot and no POST.
Opened the case and detected that when powering up only the CPU fan, one chassis fan and CPU fan 2 was spinning. The MOSFET fan, the other chassis fan (I have 2) and 2 hard disk fans did NOT spin. Furthermore, the motherboard tried to initialise power up again and again..... I also noticed that the red CPU led_1 light was led only when the motherboard tried to start the system; then off. It does this in a continuous cycle.

Following text is a description of the steps I have tried when troubleshooting for errors.

1. Resetting CMOS - no effect (when pushing the reset switch, the other fans begins to spin except one, the chassis fan. Have tried to disconnect the power to that fan to see if that solved the problem, no joy. )

2. Removed the PSU, and tested it with a multimeter - found OK, it is delivering the correct voltage on all rails.

3. Switched jumpers for selecting the Back-up BIOS - no luck.

4. Removed and replaced the CMOS battery with a new one - no luck there either. Removed the battery again, and left it out for a couple of hours - still the same.

5. Removed the RAM, and only installed one in A1 - same. Another RAM placed in A1 - same problem. Tried again in B1 - problem still persists.

6. Removed all hardware connected to motherboard, graphic card, hard disks, keyboard, mouse - still the same error, no BOOT, no POST, the POST Status Checker CPU led_1 red light on then off within a second, motherboard tries to restart in an endless cycle.

7. Tried measuring the V-PROBE with my multitester. At the same moment the motherboard powers up, the 1.8V_PLL voltage climbs to aprox. 3.3V momentarily before returning to zero when the board enters the continuous off/on cycle.

8. Replaced the PSU with an older model and the board remained powered this time. Red light in POST Status Checker CPU led_1. Measured yet again at the V-PROBE junction, the 1.8V_PLL showed 3.42V.
Is this a motherboard that is defective, or a cpu, or both? Is the board to blame or the cpu? I myself have no idea. I hope that someone can tell me?!