I've been running this system (880GMH/U3S3) rock-solid for a couple of weeks (after ironing out some quite serious problems) but this evening I was booting repeatedly and going to the BIOS to prevent it booting to Windows, so that I could check the fan speeds and try and track down what is making the most noise.

This went fine for about 10 cycles but then my keyboard wasn't doing anything so I couldn't go to BIOS and it started to automatically boot into Windows but then BSOD and said something about checking the BIOS. After I powered down, I noticed that the lights on my wireless keyboard/mouse receiver were still on, so I switched off the power at the PSU and waited until they went off and then rebooted and it was OK but it's still a bit worrying that this happened. If it was just the USB ports that had gone funny and messed up the wireless receiver, that shouldn't have prevented Windows booting I wouldn't have thought.

I've shut down again and the lights on the wireless receiver are off, so this seems to be what they should do normally.