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Thread: Boot hangs after auto detecting SATA1

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    Default [SOLVED] Boot hangs after auto detecting SATA1


    Recently I tried to install Arch Linux on this old computer and after writing a new partition table to my sata hdd, using fdisk, the computer hangs at start-up, right after the following message:

    Auto detecting SATA1..IDE Hard Disk
    : ST31000528AS CC35
    Ultra DMA Mode-6, S.M.A.R.T. Capable and Status OK
    I can't even enter BIOS setup or enabling the popup boot menu. After this I can only power off the computer. I disconnected the disk from the board and the computer boots normally.

    I understand that the hard drive may have bad blocks to be fixed, but I'm unable to run any kind of diagnostic tool, because when the disk is connected to the board I can't boot it at all.

    My question is: is there any setting at the bios that disables the disk detection/verification/whatever? I just need to boot the computer from a usb drive or a cd so I could run some disgnostic tool and fix the hdd. Just to be clear, I can't boot from the usb or the dvd drive when the hdd is connected to the board.

    I could use a sata-usb adapter and fix the disk on another computer but I'm one sata-usb adapter short. :|

    Thank you in advance.

    MB: 4CoreDual-VSTA
    BIOS v2.30
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    Default Re: Boot hangs after auto detecting SATA1

    Boot accomplished! Just enabled RAID in SATA mode. Can't understand why this worked though.

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