Posted for future reference!


Enabled sleep in S4 and S5, but as soon at the computer goes to sleep(either the sleep button or auto and I can hear it shuting down) it wakes up again.
The other problem is with Win8. When I shut down it just reboots instead of shut down, with Win7 it shuts down.

I've also disabled all onboard features, besides LAN and the Intel USB and SATA controller. iGPU disabled, Intel Rapid Start and Connect are disabled.

Not having any stability nor other issues whatsoever. Ran Si Soft Sandra full test(stress)/Pi 95(two hours)/Memtest, no issues.


I've reset the BIOS and disconnected the other HDD I have. Works fine, with my prefered settings. Had to keep S.M.A.R.T disabled for some reason as by default.