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Thread: 670 resumes from sleep but 780 does not.

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    Default 670 resumes from sleep but 780 does not.

    I used to have a GTX 670 in my asrock x58 extreme, i920 box and it worked fine-resuming from standby no problem. However, the 780 causes the machine to hang when resuming from standby. black screen. This occurs even with the new beta drivers, 326.80.

    It happens regardless of which display connector my monitor is attached to.
    Interestingly, the LEDs on a couple of USB devices I use (keypad) are also dark.

    I have a feeling it must be a voltage issue, a clock issue or some other bios thing because the event viewer is unhelpful. I am using the latest bios for the asrock x58 extreme, any suggestions on how to proceed troubleshooting this issue?

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    Default Re: 670 resumes from sleep but 780 does not.

    This reminds me of the wake from Sleep problem that Intel P67 chipset boards have. In that case, the video card (actually the driver) does not respond (become active) within the time period that Windows expects, which is considered an error and you are left with a black screen. That seems to be related to the PSU taking to long to wake up. The ironic thing was this happens with high quality PSUs, cheap ones seemed to not have this issue.

    Look for an option in your BIOS called "Check Ready Bit", which apparently overrides the Windows threshold for checking the system's response. That option should be enabled.

    If you don't have that option in your BIOS, or it doesn't work, then you may be out of luck. You may be able to get Nvidia to look into the issue.

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    Default Re: 670 resumes from sleep but 780 does not.

    I thought the power supply might be the issue so I wired the graphics cards to a seasonic 1000 that was jumpered to be on. The separate ps remained on but the issue persists.

    i mentioned it on the nvidia forums here
    But they point the finger to the motherboard.

    I also looked for hidden drivers under 'hidden devices' in device manager.
    Ok, I did that-found three old GTX 670 instances as well as some audio hdmi instances and uninstalled them. Disconnected from the net and uninstalled all NVIDIA drivers. Rebooted into safe mode and used DDU 6.2 (DisplayDriver Uninstaller available in the driver forums). This removes every single instance of Nvidia software - even the stuff installed by windows 7)
    Rebooted and installed 326.80.
    Disconnected all monitors except main DVI one. Set performance to maximum and disabled hibernation. Set display to never turn off.
    Rebooted. Confirmed display was running well. Manually entered sleep.

    Moving the mouse woke up the PC but the display remained black. Unplugged and replugged DVI display cable-no effect. Had to manually reboot.

    So it seems I am still SOL.

    Because event viewer does not record ANYTHING from the aborted resume from standby, I do not think it is a driver issue. Rather I think it's a hardware problem and the resume from standby process crashes somewhere before Windows becomes self aware to start logging events.

    I know that one can enable boot logging - pressing F8 presents several boot options and that is one of them. Is there anyway to enable logging on resume from standby?

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    Default [SOLVED] 670 resumes from sleep but 780 does not.

    Go into cmd>powercfg -H on to enable hibernation
    go into power control panel and set sleep to never, hybrid sleep off

    PRESTO, it works!

    So I think the x58 chipset was getting comnfused between sleep and hibernation and didnt know what to do. or maybe selecting 'hibernate' is interpreted by the x58 chipset as an s3 message and sleep as an s2.5 (=limbo)

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