Not 100% taking into account specific DDR3 compatibility - I shipped a friend 4GB of RAM - no real issue, but the system did not come up. I was curious if anyone maybe had an idea if this Corsair RAM is compatible with this ASRock system board:

ASRock - N68C-S UCC

And this Corsair RAM - CMX4GX3M2A1600C8

    Memory type        DDR3    Module format        UDIMM
    Manufacturer (ID)    Corsair (7F7F9E0000000000)
    Size            2048 MBytes
    Max bandwidth        PC3-10700H (667 MHz)
    Part number        CMX4GX3M2A1600C8  
    Manufacturing date    Week 20/Year 09
    Number of banks        8
    Nominal Voltage        1.50 Volts
    EPP            no
    XMP            yes
    XMP revision        1.2
    AMP            no
JEDEC timings table        CL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS-tRC @ frequency
    JEDEC #1        6.0-6-6-16-23 @ 444 MHz
    JEDEC #2        8.0-8-8-22-30 @ 592 MHz
    JEDEC #3        9.0-9-9-24-34 @ 666 MHz
XMP profile            XMP-1600
    Specification        PC3-12800
    Voltage level        1.650 Volts
    Min Cycle time        1.250 ns (800 MHz)
    Max CL            8.0
    Min tRP            10.00 ns
    Min tRCD        10.00 ns
    Min tWR            15.00 ns
    Min tRAS        30.00 ns
    Min tRC            50.63 ns
    Min tRFC        110.00 ns
    Min tRTP        7.50 ns
    Min tRRD        7.50 ns
    Command Rate        2T
XMP timings table        CL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS-tRC-CR @ frequency (voltage)
    XMP #1            6.0-6-6-18-31-2T @ 600 MHz (1.650 Volts)
    XMP #2            8.0-8-8-24-41-2T @ 800 MHz (1.650 Volts)
It's not *Specifically* on that Mainboard's compatibility PDF. I can't really go fool with it to see if it just maybe needed re-seating, etc. - So I thought I might post here to see if anyone has an idea.. :)