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Thread: XFAST RAM feature

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    Default Re: XFAST RAM feature

    Hi parsec,
    Thanks for your useful help. I was able to get that Intel RST service working!!! Great achievement, I love that OK mark in the task bar . My question is: why doesn't it work right out of the box? I installed everything it came with ASROCK installation CD. I have still pending over 100 Windows updates, may be this explain it?

    What that does for me, I'm not sure but I got rid of a lot iaStorA errors. Well, I have instead ISCT agent errors and after a quick surfing, it seems to be an ASROCK related issue (a driver compatibility I think). How this error affects my system, I don't really know.

    Back to the topic, I created the XFAST RAM partition and it works fine. Do I notice any difference in performance? Hard to say, I need to test demanding programs, I suppose. I was a bit nervous because despite I was sure I had purchased the right model, size, speed, brand, and so on, I got another version of the memory. That information wasn't available on the website I placed my order... So I tested all four memories (one identical pair on A1-B1 and another identical pair on A2-B2) and the system didn't boot at first... Well, after jumping BIOS, it did it. The first I saw was:

    (Main window)
    TOTAL MEMORY 16384mb with 64mb shared memory and 2mb GTT memory dual-channel memory mode

    These numbers (64mb or 2mb) doesn't sound a great improvement, does it? Also, my memory was downgraded to 1333 -as it was shown on Tweaker window- which I suppose is normal. As my memory speed is clocked at 1600mhz, I manually "overcklocked" them.

    Finally, I noticed that XFAST RAM had not cached my Firefox files; however, I was able to do it manually, forcing Firefox to create that string for that new location .

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    Default Re: XFAST RAM feature

    First, you are running in dual channel now, so that is a good thing.

    The shared and GTT memory numbers are just values that are default amounts, or may be adjusted in the BIOS. You could have 100GB (impossible) of memory, and those values would not automatically change. Plus whatever is using or has reserved that memory does not need more than that, or did not need more than that when the message was displayed. So that really is not a problem IMO.

    You did the right thing with your memory, but separating it as you did in the two channels. A BIOS clear is usually needed when changing a major component like memory. It is also normal for memory to default to a lower speed, such as 1333, since the manufacture wants it to work, even when users may use it in a system that cannot handle that speed. That may also be related to using a larger amount of memory, which is more difficult for the memory controller to handle at higher speeds, so the BIOS used the lower speed by default.

    Why didn't IRST work out of the box? Did you install the newer version I suggested? If so, that is the reason, the version that was on the disk, no doubt IRST 11... something, has the bug when used with the secondary SATA controllers. The newer version does not, it was fixed in that version.

    Even the version currently on your board's download page, IRST, has that bug, with Windows 7 but not 8, as I recall. Why that version is still there is a good question. Either most people don't notice it or don't use that driver at all, ASRock is not aware of this issue or does not believe it is appropriate or necessary to update the driver version for some reason. IMO, no motherboard manufacture is perfect, others tend to update drivers for "older" boards regularly, but ignore other things. ASRock has done many things I find valuable that other manufactures have not, but no one is perfect.

    Where do you see that "ISCT agent error"? I've never seen that.

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    Default Re: XFAST RAM feature

    How is the subject out of focus when the topic is Fast X Ram and I reply about memory? Don't come asking for help then shoot the helper!!
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