I got a problem with my motherboard, I assembled my new PC round April and was working fine until the last few weeks.
The first problem that appeared was that I had to go to the boot menu and reselect which drive needed to boot at that time.
After reinstalling Windows and Linux the problem still occurred and I bought a new SSD (Plextor 128gb) and the problems went away.
However now I after my OS(Both Kali Linux and Windows 7) wants to shut down, the computer doesn't power off. I have to hold my power button for several seconds to shutdown. I first blamed my PSU(Power Supply Unit) and used another PSU to test if that one worked, but the problem still persisted.
So now I begin to suspect my Motherboard, could this be a faulty setting, or is something wrong with the hardware?
My specs are:
ASRock b75 pro 3m
8GB Cosair ddr3 memory
Intel Core I5-3350P (Ivy Bridge)
MSI Twin Frozr GTX 660
Plextor 128SSD
Cosair m4 64 GB SSD
Samsung 1TB HD
Grub 2: Windows 7 and Kali Linux