I recently built 2 days ago a budget build setup, using pentium g2020 + asrock h61 vg3 + kingston 4gb ddr3 1600 + seagate 1tb m3 + antec vp500pc + bitfenix outlaw. I then purchased a vantec 58 in 1 internal reader for use in a apacer 16gb sdhc card. Sadly upon connecting it on, the sdcard reader cannot complete installation driver and system seems to freeze, sometimes upon system restart, driver installation will continue, but the sdcard reader will not be detected on windows. Then I started to test the vantec card reader to other system, I test it with my gaming rig with sandy bridge system it seems ok, then an my office pc a nehalem system it is also ok, that's how I know there's nothing wrong with the card reader. Then back to the budget build, I started to update windows 7 x 64, still did not solve the problem, the asrock h61 vg3 is still on BIOS 1.7. I'm kind of lost, any hotfix. TIA