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Thread: Z77 Extreme6 - How do you merge mSATA drive with first SATA drive?

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    Default Z77 Extreme6 - How do you merge mSATA drive with first SATA drive?

    I have the Z77 Extreme6 board, and I noticed that there was an mSATA (Mini-PCI-Express) slot next to the first PCI-Express x16 slot. It would be under my GeForce GTX 570 when I plug that in.

    Now, suppose I want to insert an mSATA SSD in that slot, to use as a boot drive for Windows 7, how would I combine that SSD drive with my first SATA drive (a 500GB hybrid in SATA3_0)? I would imagine it would involve implementing the use of RAID, but I don't want to use RAID on any of my other 4 drives (3 hybrids and a 2TB backup drive in SATA3_A1). Or is the procedure complicated enough that even the slightest mistake could screw up all my data on both drives?

    Assuming I want to use an mSATA drive as my boot drive, how big should it be to install Windows 7 and all Windows/Microsoft updates? If I'm correct, Win7 itself is somewhere between 30 and 40GB once it is installed.
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    Default Re: Z77 Extreme6 - How do you merge mSATA drive with first SATA drive?

    The function of the mini PCI-E port on your Z77 Ex 6 board is not defined or described at all in your board's manual. You cannot assume that it is connected to either the Intel or ASMedia SATA controllers on your board, which would be required if it was meant to work with a mSATA SSD.

    My Z87 Ex 6 board also has a mini PCI-E port, which is used with a WiFi module that the AC version of this board includes. Obviously a WiFi module should not be connected to a SATA controller, so it is simply connected to one or more PCI-E lanes. The same is more than likely true about your board's mini PCI-E connector.

    Which means that a mSATA SSD will not function when connected to this connector. You could verify that with ASRock support, but I'm sure if a mSATA SSD could be connected/used with that port, that would be clearly stated in the boards features and specifications.

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