I recently purchased an ASRock 990FX Extreme 4 Motherboard. This board has an on-board floppy disk controller. For various reasons I need to to specify a floppy disk type other than a 1.44mb drive. Normally on motherboards with floppy disk controllers, I can select from 2.88mb, 1.44mb, 720k, 1.2mb, or even 360k. However, in the BIOS I can only find an option to "enable" or "disable" the controller.

How do I specify the floppy drive type?

Is there some trick to specifying the drive type in this BIOS? I sometimes miss things, but I have checked all screens in the BIOS multiple times, and the manual. I also updated to the latest 2.20 bios just to be sure.

There is nothing in the provided documentation to indicate that the drive support is limited to only 1.44mb drives. If ASRock or AMI has chosen to not support other drive types, would someone please point me to an official support document that clearly specifies this?