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Thread: Z77 Extreme6 and Intel Rapid Start technology

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    Default Z77 Extreme6 and Intel Rapid Start technology

    I have a Z77 Extreme6 board with an i7-2700K CPU. My Win7 configuration has Sleep Mode. I have installed most of the drivers from my DVD (under the 'Drivers' tab), but I have not installed anything under the 'Utilities' tab.

    Is there really a need for me to install and configure Intel Rapid Start?

    My gut feeling tells me that there is no need, because in many cases, after having put my machine in extended sleep mode, I am able to reactivate my machine and everything is in the same state as before. Unless Rapid Start is useful under far more extreme or complex circumstances.

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    Default Re: Z77 Extreme6 and Intel Rapid Start technology

    Good queston. As far as I can see, Intel Rapid Start is just their own version of Windows Hibernate.

    You must set up a partition on the C drive for it to use, since it saves a copy of the desktop and what you're working on when you you use Rapid Start. It is assumed that you have Windows on a SSD, and that is where you put the Rapid Start partition. With Rapid Start all set up, when you enter Windows Sleep mode, you actually go into Rapid Start hibernate mode, and wake up from the Rapid Start data saved on the partition you created.

    The goal of this feature is to come out of a hibernate state just as fast as you would from Sleep. Since standard S3 Sleep saves the desktop state to RAM memory, if power is lost to the PC, your desktop state is lost. Windows Hibernate overcomes that issue by saving that data on your C drive, which is the same thing that Rapid Start does.

    I guess Rapid Start is faster to start than Windows Hibernation, but I don't use either so I don't know. Seems like it would be more useful on a laptop, and the Rapid Start configuration screen has a setting related to a battery, which verifies that IMO.

    Otherwise that is all Rapid Start does for you. I did not install the driver or use it since I don't use Hibernate, and it sounds like you have no use for it either. If someone used Windows Hibernate, they might find this feature useful since it is supposed to be faster to wake up.

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    Default Re: Z77 Extreme6 and Intel Rapid Start technology

    i recommend disabling intel rapid startup (this is built in in win 8) for both w7/8 + botherboard nternet acess update bios option

    like win 8 it does not shut down but dump memort to a part file then just load it up at nect startup (see win 8 feature)

    you want windows to load fresh at startup.. this feature cthats built into win 8 is know to couse probles for a 2 sec time saving load up from a ssd.. not wott the 1-2 sec improvement

    win 8 safeode (wtahs left of it) has a to want to do a full/clean reboot

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