Trying to upgrade my PC with a new H77M mobo, i-3 3225, 16GB of DDR3 RAM. It's an Antec case/PSU. I got everything hooked up and the first time I turned it on it went into Windows repair. I was expecting that because of all the hardware changes. I let it run on itself and went to dinner. I came back and found everything shut off. So I press the power button again, no thing happened. I have since tried different things including unplugging the power, reconnecting some of the wires, using a screwdriver to short-circuit the power button pins on the mobo, trying a different pair of DDR3 RAM from another PC. Nothing worked, no beeps, no lights, it does not power on. I have tried connecting the PSU back to the old mobo, the old mobo powered on normally. so the PSU is good. And I even tried another PSU, same nothing on the H77M.

What might be the problem, is the mobo dead somehow? and what else could I try?