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Thread: Asrock Z77 Extreme 6 pulled out video card now board will not see it...

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    Default Asrock Z77 Extreme 6 pulled out video card now board will not see it...

    Greetings. I have the following system:

    Asrok Z77 extreme 6
    Intel Core I5 3570K
    Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO
    Win 7 pro 64 (latest service pack)
    Gforce Gtx 670 (using 331.40 beta)
    Corsair HX 750 Gold
    8 gigs of Gskill ram Ripjaws X series
    I had system OC'd to 4.0.

    I was using my system just fine this morning. I game EQ2 and Civ 5 no issue at all this morning. Tonight I was troubleshooting my girlfriends computer and pulled out my video card (the 670) and put it in hers. I booted hers up. It was ok and played EQ2 and fast quit out of game to see if the crashes I was having her computer existed with my card. That was a NO. The previous night I put in her video card in my system and had the 'windows video driver has crashed and recovered' issue on my system, (which was occurring on hers). So I identified the issue, pulled MY card out of HER system and put it back INTO my system. Alas Windows says its not there. Even the Hardware monitor in Asrok says the slot is empty! I pulled out the card and tried another PCIe slot and it still says its empty. I double checked the power to the card its ok.

    I am at a wall. I have no idea how to get Windows and the Motherboard to see the card. I am typing and using this computer using the on-board PCIe that the motherboard has. In the bios the video shows PCIe as the selected mode for video output.

    Has anyone got any help or have an idea on what I am doing wrong?

    Thanks much
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    Default Re: Asrock Z77 Extreme 6 pulled out video card now board will not see it...

    When your card was not recognized in the BIOS, did you happen to notice if its fan was running, so at least partially alive?

    Not sure if the following will work, but pretty simple and worth a try.

    All video cards out of your PC, as it is now right? Uninstall the Nvidia driver, but have a driver installer program ready to use. (I had so many problems with the several current Nvidia drivers with EVGA 660 SC cards, WHQL versions too. I wouldn't touch a beta driver, but if you know they are Ok... up to you.

    After video driver uninstall, reboot once to make sure all is Ok. On that reboot or yet another, go into the BIOS and save your settings in a profile if you have not done so already. Save and exit, boot into Windows, then shutdown, remove power, etc, put in your video card. While case is open, clear the BIOS/CMOS with the jumper, and even pull the battery for 10 minutes. Removing the battery might also clear your saved profiles, so either pass on that, or know in your head or on paper what the settings are. You'll need to restore them of course after the BIOS/CMOS clear. The CMOS clear is the main step you want to do, sorry I don't know your experience level playing with the BIOS. You didn't mention doing this so if you did already, oh well.

    My theory is between putting the other card in your board, and the driver failure, lots of confusion with the video source, and you need to start over. The BIOS/CMOS clear is the main part of that.

    Replace the jumper to its normal position, double check the card's connections, and fire it up. You might want to keep the side panel off the case to check if the card's fan is running. You should be prompted to go into the BIOS on that boot, don't just load defaults, it may stay on the on-CPU video. You want to check if the card is seen by the BIOS anyway, right? Fix your BIOS settings of course. Good luck!

    If the card is not seen in the BIOS or Windows, something might have happened to damage the card. Back to trying it on the girlfriends PC again. If you cleared the BIOS earlier without removing the video driver, I would try that step again, and then clear the BIOS again.

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