I have a desktop computer with an ASRrock H61M-VG4. This board has an output VGA D-SUB. OS: Windows 7 home
I've connected a monitor and a video projector using a vga cable with an input and 2 outpu,s. This system works fine with other desktop computer.

But when I do so the monitor is down to black and I dont see anything in it. The video projector Works fine and I see the desktop in the screen.

Some times they works fine, but after shutdown the computer and reconnect it they does not work.

Well, I got an vga splitter, but when I connected it... nor monitor nor pojector worked!!!!! I disconnected projector and monitor does not worked !!!! (of course, the splitter is OK, it Works with another computer)

I can not understand anything.

I touched bios and graphic properties, but nothing. Some times projector is OK but monitor flicks: on and off, on and off.

What kind of VGA is this onboard vga?

Any solution?