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Thread: Install windows 7 to asextreme4 without floppy drive

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    Default Install windows 7 to asextreme4 without floppy drive

    Am trying to reinstall win7 to MB Asrock z68 extreme 4 which has no floppy. I have done this before without floppy but now I cannot install asrock drivers without getting stuck at screen demanding floppy. How can I get the drivers and install them preferably without having to slipstream the win 7, install or buy obsolete drive and media? Now without drivers windows blows up when I install updates. (Kubuntu will install and work fine)

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    Default Re: Install windows 7 to asextreme4 without floppy drive

    You don't need a floppy drive to install any drivers during a Windows 7 installation. Why they still use that terminology baffles me, that goes back to the XP days. Drivers can be put on a USB flash drive, including the ones that are called "F6 Floppy" drivers.

    Frankly, you shouldn't need any drivers during a Windows 7 installation, unless you have your OS drive connected to the Marvell 9120 chipset. If you do, you would get better performance and stability using the Intel SATA III ports, the Marvell SATA ports never perform as well as the Intel ports do. The gray SATA ports right next to the blue SATA ports are the Intel ports, the top gray ports are the Marvell.

    You won't need any drivers even if using RAID mode if you use the Intel SATA ports. It would also help to disconnect power from all your drives except the OS target drive during the OS installation. Otherwise Windows will put the MBR on another drive and you won't be able to boot if you format or remove that drive from the PC.

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    Default Re: Install windows 7 to asextreme4 without floppy drive

    Agree with Parsec, as always. If you make it to the drive screen of windows, where you must set the size of the drive, you have a load driver option, you can point this to a DVD, flash, storage drive, anywhere.

    But I can only see a raid array needing a driver, but not with win 7, did you make the array, can you clarify for Parsec what you are installing to and at what point do you get the need driver. Thanks.

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