Hello guys,

i just recently built a gaming computer which has Asrock z87 extreme 4 as my MoBo. the computer has been running perfectly for at least a week now and for some unknown reason the PCIE2 @16x has stpped working. at first i thougth it was my monitor, then i tried using another monitor to check. second, i tried to use IGPU from the motherboard, and that worked, it showed display. then i tried using the my GPU again and it did not show any display. finally, i tried to switch my GPU from PCIE2 to PCIE4. i only run 1 gpu and it is a must that i use the x16 PCIE2 port.

Asrock z87 extreme 4
MSI R9 280x
i-5 4670k
TT water 2.0 extreme
2x4 gskill ripjaws 1866
xfx 750w