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Thread: Asrock X79 Extreme 7 Size for cooler [HELP]

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    Default Asrock X79 Extreme 7 Size for cooler [HELP]

    Hi guys, i would like to know what is the exact size of the Asrock Extreme 7 for supporting an air cooler? i think its very limited about the size if i want to put 2 fans on a cooler !!i know that thermalright venoumous-x with 2 enermax fans for ex supports.. unfortunatly i cannot find anywhere the size since the memorys for making quad channel must be 2 of them on the inside!! i wanted to put the prolimatech megashadow or enermax ets-t40-bk. (or another cooler but it must be a black cooler) :)
    ps: by the way the memorys that im using is the Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz (not low profile)

    photos of the asrock extreme 7

    Photos of the prolimatech and enermax black coolers

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    Default Re: Asrock X79 Extreme 7 Size for cooler [HELP]

    Hey D:

    You have one of the only Asrocks with 4 Real Sata 3 ports, native 2, 2- 9182, and 4 more ports with meager performance, the 9172.

    As for the ETS, you might not be ok with two 25mm fans, as this will bring the total width to 120mm which won't fit between the memory. If using four sticks, two are used in the two closet DIMMs next to CPU.

    The problem comes with height of memory when your width hits the memory.

    Unless you plan on doing some heavy OC, the best way is the corsair H80i. One of the best air is the Dark rock 2, which can actually beat the H80 on OC, but it's width can be a problem unless you have low profile memory.

    All will depend on the width of the memory, my low profile has heat spreaders, the width between the memory is only 4.375in or 111mm.

    You could use one fan, but get a very high CFM with a controller to adjust the speed. With a 70mm cooler and a 25mm fan, you might have to shave the fan housing, but should be over a 1/8in, 4 or 5 mm.

    The SILVERSTONE FM121 120mm, comes with a dial speed controller and will push 110 CFM, rated very high for quality. It has a 25mm width. Sorry white fan.

    The Scythe ASHURA (SCASR-1000) black top, black fan, and from the specs should only be 65mm and with 25mm fan so a total of 90mm. Rated fair to cool, better with the two fan, which should work, but all depends on how thick the memory spreaders are.

    The best info I can give you is a close gauge, the width between the memory using 4 sticks is 111mm.
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    Default Re: Asrock X79 Extreme 7 Size for cooler [HELP]

    Many air coolers are not symmetrical in their size/dimensions. You can then orient the cooler so it blows air up or towards the back of the case, so it will not interfere with the RAM.

    Personally, I don't believe that modern RAM needs large heatsinks, or even any at all. The Samsung memory I use has no heat spreaders at all, and I can run it at 2133 at low voltage. No clearance issues with that memory at all.

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