Most annoying thing ever and i have ruled out everything else but the motherboard!
my build
i5 3570k
7950 sapphire vapor x oc edition
8gb ram
240gb seagate ssd
2tb seagate barracuda
750w corsair enthusiast edition
case is an apevia dreamer blue silver
basically everything works fine if i put my gpu in the pcie 2.0 slot but no image if placed in the 3.0 slot above. Tried fresh install of everything and same issue. Tried all manner of bios configuration. When I select onboard graphics in bios i can tell the 7950 is detected from the pcie 3.0 slot and can install amd catalyst software but i get no options to use it or configure it. Gpu is so low that sometime the excess cords from my psu get into the gpu fan. Also they create quite a bit of heat being in close proximity. Luckily no damage to the psu cords due to the sleeves. When in the PCIE slot 2.0 it blocks 4 of my 6 sata connections so i cant even place my other ssd or hard drives in! This also leaves any option for crossfire out of the connection! Please help or give advice. My mobo bio version is stock i believe.