Hi there! My pc just got back from repair. Due to it's problem, a new Mobo ASRock G41C-GS was installed. However there is an issue I would like to solve. When I start up my pc the CPU fan starts too loud(at max speed), and It won't slow down until I go to OC Tweaker and apply the target fan speed to 5. I wanted to have a setting that makes FAN Speed control automatic, without manual intervention. In BIOS the only available settings regarding CPU Fan Speed is:

Quiet FAN Speed: Enabled/Disabled
Target CPU Temp: ....
Target Fan Speed: Slow/Medium/Fast

If I select Fast/Medium, it is still too fast. If I select slow, its ok, but the speed is constant, I mean, when I play games, the CPU Fan Speed stays at the same rate, and It doesnt go up or down with temp. variation.
Hope you help me solve this.