I am hoping that someone has some feedback for me on this strange issue.

I have an x79 Extreme 6 that is showing me a "00" on the Dr. Diag Display. Upon booting this morning I had no video but heard the W7 logon music on my speakers.
I checked for loose cables and could not find any. Thought my Graphics card is the culprit so I put a throw down card on it and voila, I have a viewable screen.
However, watching it go through the boot cycle the Dr. Diag display shows "00" and going into the Bios shows a -.5 for temps and the fan speeds at 65535 on all fans. The voltages are wrong as well 13.6=12v, 6.4=5v etc...

I tried another power supply and cleared the CMOS but it did not help. I'm running the latest BIOS now that didn't help. Is the board going bad? I'm OCD about the displays not correctly displaying the results.

Any ideas?