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Thread: C2750D4I BMC, IPMI and Megarac SP etc

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    Default C2750D4I BMC, IPMI and Megarac SP etc


    Despite having re-read all the manuals and played around with the config screens, I am still confused by the interactions or dependencies between BMC, IPMI, BIOS setup and the three LAN ports.

    The board has 3 LAN ports
    2 x Intel-based Gigabit LAN for Operating system / applications
    1 x Realtek-based LAN for management

    Question 1: Configuring the Management LAN port

    In the BIOS and the Megarac SP screens, there are only references to eth0 and eth1 and nothing about the management LAN.

    I have configured eth1 for DHCP and the address is (the DHCP server is configured to always allocate this IP to the mac address)

    What really confuses me, is that when I unplug the cables for eth0 and eth1 but leave the cable for the Management LAN plugged in, the management port has the address

    In the operating system (FreeBSD), I configure the IP addresses for eth0 and eth1 to something totally different (different sub-net), yet the management port stays configured to

    What am I doing wrong?

    Question 2: Megarac SP login credentials

    Out of the box, I have been able to log into the Megarac SP interface with the username / pasword combination of admin/admin

    Under Maintenance, I noticed there is an option to change the System Administrator password. The username is given as sysadmin, which is read-only.

    I changed the password on the screen and now I can not log into Megarac SP anymore. It fails with validation error message.

    I have tried the the following combinations:

    admin / admin
    admin / new_password
    sysadmin / admin
    sysadmin / new_password

    How do I fix this?

    What am I doing wrong?


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    Default Re: C2750D4I BMC, IPMI and Megarac SP etc

    I support question 1:
    The board seems to use virtual functions in IPMI/BNC on all LAN ports. To any linux is not eth0/1 reported, but p119p1 and p121p1 which is quite confusing and bad for usage with further bridging.
    I disabled the "standard" bonding in IPMI but still have the same port numbering. I want the ethernet ports to be given clean to the system and the management port fixed with static IP.

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