I've one question about my Raid setup, it's really unstable and causing BSODS:

- 4x 3TB WD Reds
- Raid 5 (RaidxPert)
- Bios: Switching between "Raid" & "Raid5" .. bit odd can't find anything.. guess i need to select Raid 5? ( Works fine with regular Raid )

Also running Windows Server 2012, which is not in the download list: downloading the 8.1 driver from motherboard is :

- 3.4.1540.2 (4/28/2012)

Which is older then the one windows has:

- 3.7.1540.43 ( 12/11/2012)

But when I update, I can no longer see my raid.. they become splitted disks xD

Google shows : http://drivers.awdit.com/ati-technol...-controller-2/ making me thing they are different;S