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Thread: Z77 Extreme6 slow CPU fan ramp up response

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    Default Z77 Extreme6 slow CPU fan ramp up response

    Hi, this is my first Asrock board. so far i am liking it, however, the only thing that baffles me is the slow ramp up response of the CPU PWM.

    i have 7 fans (water cooling loop) connected to a swiftech PWM splitter (that's self powered by drawing a SATA power source), and the splitter is plugged directly into the CPU 1 PWM fan header. i've got 7 NB eLoop B12-P pwm fans running through the splitter to the mobo CPU Fan 1 header. the bios is set to automatic with Level 2 fan speed, and target CPU temp is 50C. it doesn't seem like whatever target temp i set to, the ramp up response is VERY slow. this is the first motherboard i've come across that have such a slow PWM ramp up response. all the other mobos i've owned in the past, Asus, EVGA, Gigabyte all have very responsive PWM control.

    basically whenever i fire up a program and the CPU reaches 100% load, it takes at least 20 if not 30 seconds for the fan to fully ramp up. it also doesn't matter if the cpu shoots up to 65c or 80c (while the target is set to 50c); the PWM takes an eternity to ramp up to full speed. i've tried plugging in only one fan, or even trying a different Aerocool fan, i even tried plugging a different fan into the CPU FAN 2, which is a 3pin header that also has a auto fan speed control, still the same slowness to ramp up.

    i am wondering if someone can chime in, this is very annoying. as i need all my radiator fans to respond quickly to the cpu load and temperature change, i can't wait for the water to heat up before the fan speed kicks in.

    on a side note, i tried using software Speedfan, and change the sensor from Manual to "smart IV", and it worked in terms of quickly responding to CPU load change, however, the Speedfan method only allows my fans to kick up to 90%, and not full speed, despite i set the fan percentage of 0% minimum and 100% maximum.

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    Default Re: Z77 Extreme6 slow CPU fan ramp up response

    i got speedfan to work perfectly.

    this is sad, the Asrock's default bios PWM is just plain bad.
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