Hey peeps,

Need some assistance please.

Finished putting together my rig but having some internet troubles.

I've got a D-Link 2750-SU with a 3G dongle plugged in and an ethernet cable running to my PC.

This setup worked fine on my old machine but for some reason it won't on my new PC. I've got an ASRock Extreme 4 Z87 board which refuses to acknowledge that the ethernet cable is plugged in. I've installed the Intel LAN Gigabit drivers but the WLAN drivers, for some reason, won't install properly.

I've gone into the BIOS and changed the Network setup to PPPOE (didn't add a username or password though). Since the PC can't detect the cable I also can't dial into the router and configure stuff.

On a side note, I also have a wi-fi dongle to connect to the router wirelessly but everytime I plug that in the PC says "your hardware was not installed correctly." Trying to setup a network doesn't help either as Windows 7 scans for devices and comes up with nothing.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.