Ok so here is my issue . I recently upgraded my old Cpu/mobo combo to 4670k + Z87 killer . Did a clean installation of Windows 7
, downloaded all the latest drivers etc . It's all working perfect till now , but my problem is that i cannot get my 5.1 Speakers ( Logitech X530 )
to work properly .

In the old system , ( Gigabyte P55M mobo + i5 750 cpu ) i was using the speaker fill option , so i could get sound from all the speakers when not playing 5.1 music , but that option is gone now . I've set configuration to 5.1 in the audio manager , but speaker fill option is completely gone .
Its not availabe via the properties in control panel/sound/enhancements etc either .

Also , ticked DTS as i think it kinda replaces speaker fill in a way , but still getting sound ONLY from the front speakers . What is also bugging me is that the center and the rear speakers are not dead silent , they play at like 5% volume of what the front speakers are set to . In sound test they play perfectly , but when using an audio file or youtube etc they play REALLY low , i have to stick my ears in them to hear em basically :P
Any ideas what might be wrong ? I know it can't be the cable or the speakers as they play perfectly during sound test .

Tried with realtek 2.73 . 2.72 and the drivers that came with the cd of the m/b , but got similar results with all of them .