Over the last years I have bought 3 Asrock Vision 3d boxes as desktop computers for my family and they work amazingly well (nvidia graphics version). Most of my friends did the same since these machines are so amazingly quiet and all it took in 4 years of use was a upgrade from HDD to a mSATA SSD.

What would you like to change about the Broadwell version?

I would love to see it sold in 2 versions: the basic HT with i5 CPU and 8GB of ram, and a premium version with Geforce 750M, i7 Broadwell CPU, 16gb of Ram and the cheapest HDD imaginable so that I can replace it either with my current 512 mSATA SSD or buy a PCI-e SSD as long as it will have a PCIe port.

I love ASROCK products as their support is absolutely amazing and they bring the best bang for the buck.

Happy 2014 everyone!